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Lead Management

How to create a new lead?

You can create new leads using CRM -> Lead menu

  • Use F1 key or Click on New to navigate to Create Lead screen
  • Enter Name, Source, Owner and the Status
  • Press F5 or Click Create to add the lead
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How to upload new leads?

You can upload new leads using CSV file format using CRM → Lead Bulk Upload screen

  • Locate a file using Choose File button
  • Click Upload button
  • You can download the sample file using the Link LeadUploader.csv

How to Search Leads

You can search for the leads, their details and the status accessing the page using CRM → Search Leads menu

You can search based on the following fields

  • Lead Name
  • Lead Owner
  • Status

Using this screen, you could perform below activities

  • Manage the tasks associated with the lead in the Task tab
  • Manage the events associated with the lead in the Events tab
  • Manage the calls associated with the lead in the Calls tab
  • Manage the contacts associated with the lead in the Contact tab
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