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How to enter the Sales Enquiry details?

  • Go to CRM -> Sales Enquiry ( Sales Enquiry will be available in the left panel)
  • To Create Sales Enquiry use F5 or click create
  • Enter the Summary and Description of the Sales Enquiry
  • Select the WBS by using the drop-down

Important points to note:-

  • Select the Lead who has made the Sales Enquiry
  • Priority can be Selected using the Drop Down
  • Description on the Enquiry can be noted
  • Related documents can be attached with the Sales Enquiry
  • Date of the Enquiry made can be recorded in Reported Date
  • Planned date, Estimated time and the person who have attended recorded using Who & When
create sales enquiry

How to Search for Sales Enquiry?

  • Search Sales Enquiry by using the name of the Lead and the person to whom it assigned, Status of the sales enquiry
  • Use Various Filters to Find the Expected enquiry
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