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How to allocate tasks?

  • Go to -> Task ( Task will be available in the left panel)
  • Task can be allocated to Specific Lead , level of Priority and the Status of the lead can be mentioned
  • The Specific Person to whom the task been allocated can be mentioned in Owner
  • Due Date can be mentioned for the Specific task
  • Use F5 or Click on Create to add that task under the specific lead.
  • Go to CRM -> Task -> F5 or Click Select
  • Now all the task will be displayed
  • Use filters such as priority levels, status of the task and also by using specific owner.


  • Click Tasks ( Tasks will be available in the left panel) to search the saved tasks details.
  • Use the Lead Name and the Status of the tasks as filter to get the results.
  • Click Search to view all those tasks available.
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