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Admin provides the application of administration purpose of the user. Admin user has access to Search audit, Search notifications, Backup the database, Upgrade system and System properties. Other users do not have access to the above widgets other than admin.


Users are the one who is having specific privileges to do a particular task assigned to him. User used to create, view and search specific user details.

Create user

  • Go to Admin > User > Create user
  • It is used to create a user with user id, First name and Last name.
  • We can search the user by giving the user id.
    • Role code
    • First name and last name
    • Status can be selected
  • In search results panel, it shows list of user created.
  • Lists of users are displayed if the user id is not specified.

  • payroll admin user guide

Search Audit

  • Go to Admin -> Search Audit
  • Audit is the page which displays the recent changes made into the database.
  • This widget is useful when some other users have logged into the admin account and have edited some changes.
  • It displays the detailed information about the IP address of the computer used along with edited file.
  • Entity id is used to specify the components such as punch time, attendance punches. It is unique for each component.
  • If we click on the relevant entity id we can see the changes made by them in detail by showing the changed field id, change type and the new value changed by them.
    search audit

Search Notification

  • Go to Admin > Search Notification
  • This widget is used to notify the admin user in case if error occurs while uploading bulk documents for attendance and salary purpose.
  • It is very useful while uploading a bulk document.
  • It alerts the admin user with the error and it helps the admin user to easily rectify it.
  • It displays the file where the error is present, severity of error, and the message which explains the error.
  • If there is an error while uploading a document it keeps on notifying the user with the error message until the status of the error is changed to resolved status.
    search notification

System properties

  • Go to Admin > System properties
  • Properties are fields which are defined by the developer and the property value shows the status of each property.
  • If we change the property value of any component then the changes are seen in the relevant page.
  • We can specify the start date and end date of the database and also change it according to our needs.
  • We can place flags such as property value for certain property id and only fields has those value will be displayed
  • We have to think before we place a flag to a component as it can change the view of certain widget.
    payroll system properties

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