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In this widget, the attendance details of employee are documented.

Daily attendance detail

  • Go to Attendence > Daily attendance details ( Present in the left side panel)
  • It gives daily attendance detail of an employee with the log in and log out time of an employee with the employee id, name, designation, salary group and shift.
  • Date and salary group is present as a mandatory field.
  • It contains a department, category, shift name with number of present, absent and all option.
  • If user select all option present, absent all details is displayed in the screen.
  • Select present option it display present details for an employee.
  • Select absent option it display absent details for an employee.
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Edit attendance punches

It is used to give the attendance punch for an employee on log in and log out time.

  • Go to Attendence > Edit attendance Punches
  • By clicking ‘add’ option new punches is add in attendance punches screen and click ‘edit’ option user can edit the created punches and click update button.
  • It has an update, previous day, next day and reset button.
  • Through the batch edit punches we can punch for the group of employees with log in and log out time.
  • Likewise, leave can also be given for a group of employees.
  • For the total worked minute and overtime minutes contain two options with greater than or lesser than
  • In the search result panel it contain employee code, name, absent and punch time can be edit in the search result panel.
  • In this pay day should be 1 or lesser than 1 for an employee.
  • Employee work time is more than usual time, it is included in OT hrs.
  • Then for next day, click next day option and give attendance punch for a day.
  • Salary group and date is present in mandatory field.
    edit attendance punches

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