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It is used to apply bonus description for a particular salary group and it is to give a half of the salary for the employee. Its divisions are

Create bonus configuration

  • Go to Payroll --→ Bonus--→ Create bonus configuration
  • In this screen it has a salary group field with “view and reset” buttons.
  • After selecting a salary group, create bonus configuration structure is display on the screen.
  • In the bonus configuration screen, bonus percentage, from date, to date, bonus description, bonus components and aggregation is present as a mandatory field.
  • It contain a create schedule and reset button.
  • After a salary structure is created it shows only reset button and it display with a message “Bonus created successfully”.
    create bonus config

View bonus configuration

  • Go to Payroll --→ Bonus--→ View bonus configuration
  • In view bonus configuration, bonus description is present after giving a bonus description for an employee it moves to view bonus configuration screen
  • If any correction is present we can update through this screen
  • It has ‘update button ‘to update a correction, ‘delete option ‘is to remove bonus for an employee from that screen and ‘reset’ button is to reset all the entered fields and back to the original screen.
    view bonus config

Bonus Projection

  • Go to Payroll --→ Bonus--→ Bonus Projection
  • In bonus projection salary group, department, designation is present and salary group, from date, to date, bonus components and percentage is to be present.
  • From date and to date is present in the water mark field.
  • It contain view and reset button
    bonus projection

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