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It is related to the attendance of an employee. Leave is to be carryon for another year of an employee if an employee is not taken leave for that year.

Create Leave Encashment

  • In the create leave encashment employee code and employee name in a watermark field.
  • If employee code is given it automatically show display screen in create leave encashment with the leave details and encashment amount

View Leave Encashment

  • In a view leave encashment created leave is view with an encashment id.

Search Leave Encashment

  • Go to Pay roll > Encashment > Search Leave Encashment
  • In the search leave encashment employee who are created with an encashment id are shown in the search results panel.
  • The salary group is present as mandatory field in the search leave encashment.
  • In this From date is inbuild with the starting of this month date and To date will be the current date. User can edit it as there wish

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