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Loan can be given in advance for an employee by specifying their employee id and employee name. Loan details contain loan type, loan amount, number of instalment and instalment amount.

Create loan

  • Go to Payroll --> Loan ---> Create loan
  • In this employee code, application date, loan type, repayment type, loan amount, no of installment is present as a mandatory field.
  • Here loan type is to be manual or in advance, if it is in advance loan amount as a whole cash in the installment amount.
  • Whether a loan type- loan amount, number of installments, installment amount to present in it.
  • If repayment type is auto it automatically changes its status or it is in manual user only need to change for its status type.

View Loan

  • Go to Payroll --> Loan ---> View loan
  • In view loan it has loan id as a mandatory field.
  • By clicking view button repayment schedule dialog box is present.
  • In view loan its status is display as issued and loan amount, installment amount, outstanding amount is displayed after issuing a loan to the client.
  • In the repayment schedule panel it has repayment date, payment amount, status and remarks is present.

Search loan

  • Go to Payroll --> Loan ---> Search loan
  • In the search loan, salary group is present as a mandatory field.
  • Loan status, salary group, loan type is present in a select option.
  • All employees are present in the search result panel of a search loan.
  • Issued date, application date, repayment date and employee name is present in a watermark field.

Approve loan

  • Go to Payroll --> Loan ---> Search loan
  • In approve dialog box if loan is created by a user but it is not approved by user in this click approve button, pending loan is approved by user.
  • It contain approve and refresh button

Loan payment

  • Go to Payroll --> Loan ---> Loan payment
  • Loan payment is display only when a repayment type is present in manual option.
  • In this all are built in information except the date.
  • Remarks and Payment Amount is present as a mandatory option.
  • Issue payment and reset button present.

Search loan payment

  • In the search loan payment employee code, loan id, pay slip id, voucher no, date, salary group is present
  • Salary group is present as a select option in the search panel.

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