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  • Masters page is used to record all the information about the organization.
  • In the masters page create user option is present in company profile.
  • User can acquire complete knowledge in payroll by creating the company profile, Branch, Incident Management, Department, One time constants, List of holidays and Pay roll
  • Payroll includes shift, Incentive master, Leave configurations, Deduction type, Salary group, Salary structure settings, Create pay schedule and Generate pay schedule.

Company profile

Company Profile is used to update the information about the company name, contact no, location, communication address and headquarters address. We can also upload logo for the particular organization.

  • Navigate to Company Profile in left side of the panel and Click it.
  • Enter the Organization Code and Name of Organization, Address, Contact No to create a Company Profile.
  • The organization code for each company must be different and all companies are identified by their respective organization codes.
  • Mandatory fields include Code and Name of the Organization.
  • Click copy communication address to copy the same address in Head Quarter Address.


In Masters, Branch is a page used to know about the organization branch details. The organization which is having multiple branches can create a profile for its branches and also can search the branches by entering the required filed.

Create Branch

  • In Masters, Navigate Branch -> Click Create Branch to create a new profile for branch.
  • Enter all mandatory fields Name, Code and Type of Branch.
  • Select Branch Type which is specific type of application, an organization providing to the customer.
  • Click Create, once entering information is done.

Search branch

  • In Branch, user can also search the specific branch by entering any one of the fields branch id or branch name.
  • click search branch, search result panel is displayed with all branches.
  • Simply by clicking search, user can get all branches details.

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