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Salary Report

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Salary report
  • In the Salary report window we can generate all reports such as Salary Structure, salary register, payment register, OT register, employee payslip, Pay summary and WPS Register.

Salary Structure

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Salary structure
  • In salary structure report screen the salary structure of all employees can be downloaded in pdf, xls and csv file.

Salary Register

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Salary register
  • It is used to generate the salary report of a particular salary group along with the specific duration.
  • In this salary group and department is consider more according to it salary register.
  • In salary register it contains salary group, department and pay period with the drop down.
  • Salary register panel is divided into three columns they are
    • Salary register
    • Deduction List

  • SalaryRegister

Payment Register

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Payment register
  • In payment register the salary paid to all employees is been registered.
  • By selecting the pay period in drop down box the user can download payment register.
  • The user can filter the payment register by selecting the available options

OT Register

  • Go to ---> Report ---> OT register
  • It displays details about over time details about the particular group along with the specified duration.
  • In the search result panel it has an employee code, name, salary group, designation, department, OT hours, OT wages.

Employee pay slip

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Employee pay slip
  • It displays the payslip details of allemployee along with the earning details, deduction details, attendance details and net pay.
  • By selecting pay period the user needed the pay slip can be downloaded in Pdf or send by mail

Pay summary

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Pay Summary
  • In employee Pay summary the payments made with split wise salary to employees can be downloaded.
  • By selecting the pay period and other drop down the report can be downloaded in pdf and xls file.

WPS (Wage Processing System) Register

  • Go to ---> Report ---> WPS register
  • The wage protection system report can be generated in this window
  • Select the pay period and provide other details.
  • Click on Wps bank report to download in csv file.

Details about WPS

  • WPS system is followed in Saudi Arabia and it is controlled by the Ministry Of Labour in Saudi Arabia and WPS file is uploaded in Ministry Of Labour.
  • The Wage Processing System is classified into Employee and Employer Details.
  • It is present in the form of Excel sheet.
  • User download a WPS report it contain

Employee details

  • Column A - EDR (Employee Record Detail) present as a default in WPS
  • Column B -WPS code contain 14 digit (If it is less than 14 digit 0 should be added in the prefix)
  • Column C –IFSC code should present in 9 digits.
  • Column D -Employee Account number is present which should contain 16 digits.
  • Column E -Pay start date is present (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Column F -Pay End date is present (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Column G -Total Salary Days
  • Column H -Fixed Salary amount is present (Amount is represented using decimal points or not using decimal points)
  • Column I -Earned salary is present
  • Column J -Total Leave days

Employer Details

  • Column A –SCR(Salary Control Record) is present as a default in WPS
  • Column B -Company Id 13 digit is present
  • Column C -Employer bank code is present should contain 9 digit
  • Column D -File creation Date is present (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Column E -File creation time is present (hhmm)
  • Column F -Salary month (mmyyyy)
  • Column G -EDR count
  • Column H - Employee count for total salary paid days is displayed using decimal point or not.
  • Column I –AED(Arab Emirates Dirham) is present as default.
  • Column J -Employer reference number (company name) is present.

Other Reports

Loan Report

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Loan Report
  • It displays all details regarding the loan of a particular group and for a specific duration.
  • It divides into loan summary and loan payment.
  • In loan summary month and year is present as a mandatory field and an outstanding loan button.
  • In loan payment Pay period is present with payment schedule and payment summary button.
  • Loan-Report

Reimbursement Reports

  • Go to ---> Report ---> Reimbursement Report
  • It displays the details about the reimbursement claimed by the particular salary group and in this department is present in a drop down list.
  • It contain reimbursement button and user click that button means reimbursement report is download for that particular salary group.
  • Reimbursement-Reports

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