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After giving the necessary details we can process payroll for an employee for a particular month.

Process Incentive

  • Go to Payroll > Process > Process incentive.
  • To process an incentive, incentive to be newly created in the masters tab.
  • In this incentive name, salary group, from date and to date values are automatically generated in the screen.
  • It has process and reset option and if the process option is selected it display a message-incentive processed successfully.

Process Payroll

  • Go to Payroll > Process > Process payroll.
  • To process payroll month, year, salary group is present with a select option of active, archived, scheduled.
  • Here year and salary group is present as a mandatory field option. It has view and reset buttons.
  • Month and salary group is present in a drop down list option. If view option is click by user it show a payroll process for that particular month
  • If user select an “All” option payroll process for all month is displayed in the screen.

Process GOSI

  • The process GOSI is same as that of the process payroll.
  • It is used to deduct some percentage in employee salary
  • If the payroll process and GOSI process is not applied for salary group, reports related to salary structure is not display in the screen.
  • If user give all option in salary group field and month field , Payroll processed monthly is present in the screen with process button.

Process Bonus

  • Go to Payroll > Process > Process bonus
  • We can process the bonus sheet of a particular salary group.
  • It contain salary group, employee code and employee name.
  • Salary group is present in select option and employee code and name is present in watermark field.
  • If user click a view button it display a bonus list which contain schedule date, from date, to date, bonus description, bonus components, bonus percentage, processed total, generate option.
  • When user press any one of the option in search results panel process button is changed into visible

Process Leave

  • Go to Payroll > Process > Process Leave.
  • In process leave, it has salary group and year id.
  • In this option leave is processed for the selected salary group if click on process button.
  • If leave is processed it display a leave report for a particular salary group

Upload bulk salary structure

  • We can upload the salary structure for bulk employees by uploading the relevant CSV file.
  • It has two versions which is to update latest version and new version.
  • In update latest version modification cannot be done but in new version modifications can be made and again it is to be uploaded where old record is replaced by a new one

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