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It displays various reports regarding employees.

Employee pay slip

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > Employee Pay Slip
  • It displays the payslip details of an employee along with the earning details, deduction details, attendance details and net pay.
  • It contains employee code and name, employee code is present as a mandatory field. It has only reset button.

OT Register

It displays details about over time details about the particular group along with the specified duration.

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > OT Register
  • In the search result panel it has an employee code, name, salary group, designation, department, OT hours, OT wages.
  • From date, to date and salary group is present as a mandatory field.
  • It can be filtered by Department wise
  • It contain Download and Reset button.

Salary Register

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > Salary register
  • It displays the details about total working days and leave days of employees in a particular salary group.
  • It has salary group and pay period as a mandatory field.

Salary summary-Group

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > Salary summary-Group
  • In the salary summary group it has Salary group, from date and to date is present as a mandatory field.
  • It represents the whole summary of a salary group.
  • According to a salary group wise it display records in the search result panel.

Salary Summary -Department

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > Salary Summary Department
  • In the salary summary department it has pay period as a mandatory field.
  • It contains Pay period, Branch and department fields.
  • It contains Search and Reset button.
  • After user press search option it display department, salary group, Total Employees, Basic, DA, HRA, conveyance, Allowance, Gross, Loss of pay etc.,(Items selected in salary structure is displayed in the search screen) and it has only reset button.

Bonus Register

  • Go to Payroll > Reports > Bonus Register
  • Bonus register it contain bonus description is present as mandatory field with drop down list.
  • Created bonus description is displayed in the drop down list.
  • It contains Download and reset button.
  • We can download the bonus register in . PDF and . XLS formats

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