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We can claim reimbursement amount for a particular employee.

Claim reimbursement

  • Go to Payroll --→ Claim reimbursement
  • In claim reimbursement employee code, claim date, salary type, amount is present as a mandatory field option, where claim date is present as today date.
  • It has claim and reset button in this field and reimbursement id is auto generated.

View Reimbursement

  • Go to Payroll --→ View reimbursement
  • After claiming a reimbursement and click by claim button automatically claim reimbursement screen is changes into view reimbursement screen, then it automatically generates a reimbursement id.
  • It has claim and reset button in this field and reimbursement id is auto generated.

Search Reimbursement

  • Go to Payroll --→ Search reimbursement
  • In search reimbursement it displays a reimbursement details in the search results panel whether a loan is approved, rejected or it present in draft.
  • Search result panel contain id, claim date, employee code, employee name, amount, approved date, pay slip id, pay period, status and user need to select it is approved or rejected.
  • It contain search, approve, reject and reset button then salary type is present in a drop down list.

Reimbursement upload

  • Go to Payroll --→ Reimbursement upload
  • In the reimbursement upload bulk of employees are uploaded in the screen.
  • Sample file in CSV format is present in the reimbursement upload.
  • We can browse file from any location and it is to be uploaded in the CSV format.
  • It has a single button “upload” is present in the top of the screen.

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