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It is used to display various reports with regards to attendance punches.

Single punch report

  • Go to Attendance > Reports > Single punch report
  • It is used to display the list of user with single punch per day.
  • It has from date and to date as a mandatory field.
  • It has search, download and reset button in the single punch report panel.
  • In single punches panel it display Serial no, employee code and name, salary group, shift, date, punch time and department is shown below.

View attendance punches

  • Go to Attendance > Reports> View attendance punches.
  • In the view attendance punches employee attendance punches can be viewed seperately of employee, department and also by from date and to date
  • It has employee code and name, date, salary group, department, shift, in and out time is present in the search results panel.

View machine punches

  • Go to Attendance > Reports > View machine punches.
  • It displays the list of employees with machine punches in a particular log date and log time.
  • In a view machine punches serial no, employee code, employee name, Alias employee code, Log date and log time of all employee is present in the search result panel.

Employee time card

  • Go to Attendance > Reports > Employee time card
  • It displays the time card of particular employee by giving their employee code.
  • It has date, in and out time, work hours, pay day, punch time, absent detail, shift, salary group, overtime.
  • According to the tab selected it show in ascending or descending order.
  • In employee time card, leave and punch days for an employee is displayed.

Time sheet summary

  • Go to Attendance > Reports > Time sheet summary
  • It displays the time sheet summary of employees within a particular salary group with number of paid days, regular worked time, late time and OT time
  • In this salary group and department is present in a select list option.
  • It contains a list in ascending or descending order.
  • In Download option, it has PDF and XLS option.

Attendance sheet

  • Go to Attendance > Reports > Attendance sheet
  • It displays the attendance sheet of an employee for a particular month.
  • In this salary group is present as a mandatory field.
  • It shows number of days employee worked in a search result panel.
  • In this absent is displayed as “A” in red colour and week off is displayed as “WF” and leave is displayed in attendance sheet.

Process attendance

  • Go to Attendance > Process attendance > process attendance by date
  • It is used to process the attendance by date and also process for the trim out and trim in punches.
  • In the process attendance by date it has an attendance for a particular day.
  • It has process, previous set, next set and reset button and it show with a message updated successfully.

Time Out punches

  • Go to Attendance > Process attendance > Time out punches
  • In the trim out punches from date and to date is present as a mandatory option.
  • By selecting a salary group we can process the trim out punches for an employee with a message processed successfully.

Trim In punches

  • Go to Attendance > Process attendance > Time in punches
  • In the trim in punches it has same as that of the trim in punches.
  • It also display a message processed successfully for a particular salary group.

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