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Payroll in masters is used to change settings in Shift, Deduction type,Incentive masters, Leave configuration, Salary group,Pay schedule etc.


Create shift

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Shift –→ Create shift
  • It is used to create a shift to specify the starting day, ending day, break timings of that particular day.
  • For to create a shift From date, To date, Start time, End time, Lunch time, Max early in and late out are to create in the shift schedule panel.
  • After entering all the details, click on create button, shift schedules are created for that particular shift id.

View shift

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Shift –→ View shift
  • In view shift, by giving the shift id it display a shift created in the search results panel.
  • It displays Update and reset buttons in the view shift.
  • After viewing the shift it changes to update and reset button.

Search shift

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Shift –→ Search shift.
  • It is to search a shift which created in the list with Shift id, Shift name, From date, To date with the given status.
  • The created shifts were shown in the shift schedules panel.
  • It contains search and reset buttons in the search shift page.

Deduction type

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Deduction type
  • To calculate the net salary of a person which includes Basic, Da, Hra and allowance of a person
  • In the deduction panel salary type, deduction name and deduction type is present as mandatory field.
  • After filling a mandatory field, click create button it is added in the deduction details panel.

Incentive Masters

It includes an attendance of an employee through this we can create a pay schedule, to display OT in payslip and duration of a person work for a day

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Incentive Masters
  • To create an incentive master it contain incentive type, name and criteria is present as a mandatory field.
  • It has a value in payslip and per day salary if it is selected in the field.
  • It contains a message “Incentive created successfully”.
  • Then the created incentives are shown in the list of incentive master panel.

Salary Group

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Salary group.
  • It is to create an employee salary group with Pf, Esi according to the user it can be selected in a list which includes holiday worked wage, Sunday worked wage for that particular group.
  • It contains Pay Type, Pay Schedule and salary group, work hours is present as a mandatory field.
  • We can select the option from OT, Holiday worked wages, Sunday worked wages.

Salary structure settings

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Salary structure settings.
  • To display the order of components in a structure with order of component in the required specified list.
  • According to a display order selection salary components is displayed in the salary structure.
  • Selected components display in display name and in locale name it contain selected component in Arabic name.
  • In component type dropdown is present which contain Earning, dropdown and deduction is present.

Create pay schedule

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Create pay schedule.
  • To display pay schedule for each month which contains pay schedule date, duration and pay slip description.
  • In a create pay schedule it contain salary group, Pay slip description, schedule date, From date and To date as a mandatory field.
  • Already created pay schedules are shown in the list of salary schedule.

Generate pay schedule

  • Go to Masters –→ Payroll –→ Generate pay schedule.
  • For a given salary group pay type and pay schedule for an employee is generate screen for a specified month and year.
  • In generate pay schedule Month and year is present as a mandatory field.
  • The generated pay schedules are shown in the list of salary schedules.
  • If pay schedule is generated only, payslip is to be displayed for an employee.

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