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View user

  • Go to Admin > user > view user
  • Use User id to view the specific user
  • Click View
  • It shows the detail of that specific user .
  • We can Set password and also able to set theme by getting the specific user.

Search user

  • Go to Admin > user > Search user
  • Use user id to search the Specific user
  • Click Search without any input to view all the users
  • We can use search using Role code, Status and also using branch

Assign user Rights

  • Go to Admin -> User -> Assign user rights.
  • In assign user rights, roles and privileges are given for the user.
  • New role can be created with the roles and privileges assign for the user.
  • It contains assign and reset button.
  • Click Assign after selecting the privilege for that user

User Rights

  • Go to Admin --> User --> Assign user rights
  • We can specify the role of a particular user and assign certain privileges for the desired user. Using this option we can assign privileges for the users like only admin will have the rights to edit punches and so on.
  • User can create a role in create user role and it contain create and reset buttons.
  • It contain Role code and role name as a mandatory field
  • In privilege description field we can add single privilege or bulk privilege

View User Role

  • Go to Admin → User → View user role
  • In view user role created role for employee is can be viewed.
  • In this created role is present in access rights panel which contains privilege code and description
  • It contains update, delete and reset buttons.
  • Click Update after editing the role.

Search User Role

  • Go to Admin → User → Search user role
  • We can search the user role for a particular user by specifying either the role code or role name
  • If we click Search without giving any data then all the role name will be displayed


  • It is used to create a department for a user and it is shown in department list with department id and name.
  • By giving department name in a dialog box and click create button department is created.
  • If we select any one of the department from the department list, a create button is changed to update and reset buttons.

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