effitrac - The Perfect Solution


Money Exchange & Remittance

Money transfer system has become crucial in today’s economy. Our system has been extraordinarily designed using a highly robust technical architecture know more


HR & Payroll Service

effitrac’s HR & Payroll Management Systems are designed to resourcefully process the entire staff’s earnings and deductions of a concern in accordance.know more



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps all sort of business to track and manage all customer interactions across the customer lifecycle.know more


Inventory Management

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to control your costs and ensure constantly smooth operation.know more


Professional Service

effitrac Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a professional management software - a complement of integrated applications - that any organization.know more



Dealing with a diversity of customer requirements, along with demanding product specifications, brings business challenges to the fore for traders.know more


Discrete Manufacturing

Whether your business focuses on solely discrete projects or you do a mix of custom products, effitrac ERP provides best practice business processes.know more


Process Manufacturing

There are a lot of enterprise resources planning (ERP) solutions for process manufacturing. Do all of them take into consideration the real complexities.know more


Project Management

effitrac Project Management is a comprehensive solution for supervisors / managers who plan and execute simple or complex tasks/ projects.know more