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User can create currency in Masters->Masters->Currency

How to Create Currency

To Create Australian Dollar:

  • Go to-> Masters -> Masters-> Click Currency
  • Press F1 or click New Button on right top currency
  • Enter Currency Code as “AUD”, Currency name and locale name as “Australian Dollar” and Fractional Unit as “cent”

  • Press F5 or Click Create button on left top.

How to create Currency Rate

To create Currency Rate for Australian Dollar

  • Go to-> Masters -> Masters-> Click Rate
  • Press F1 or Click New button on left top currency-rate
  • Provide rate type, select Foreign currency as AUD – Australian Dollar and select effective date
  • Provide Buying and selling rate as 0.37 (i.e for 1AED, AUD is 0.37)

  • Press F5 or click Create button to create exchange rate

How to Create Export invoice in Foreign currency

To create Export Invoice for CUSTOMER E in Australian Currency for 2 Product B in Nos

  • Go to Invoices -> sales -> Export invoice
  • Enter “CUSTOMER E” in customer name
  • Select payment terms
  • Select currency as AUD – Australian dollar, edit exchange rate by clicking edit button in rate.
  • Enter product description as “Product 2” and enter quantity as “2” ans select UOM as Nos”, click Add button
  • Total quantity, Total amount in local currency and foreign currency will be displayed
  • Press F5 or Click Save button on left top to create Export invoice.
export-foreign-invoice export-foreign-invoice

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