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POS for Food and Beverage industry

March 1st,2019

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems have become inevitable to serve your customers like a pro. According to Smart customer service, poor customer service is stated as one of the top reasons for US brands for an estimated loss of $41 billion on an annual basis. (more)

Membership Management made easier with effitrac!

February 27th,2019
Membership management software

Memberships have become the trend of this digital era. People tend to engage with brands in the form of memberships. Rewards, coupons, discounts and offers have modernized the way the hospitality and food & beverage industry work. (more)

Integrating POS with effitrac erp

February 26th,2019
POS ERP System

A POS system would give a company/retailer a good amount of sales information, but it might still fall behind in certain crucial information related to inventory, supply chain management and customer metrics. (more)

What is 3-way Match Accounting

February 5th,2019
3 way matching accounting - ERP Software

What is 3-way Matching?

When you are ordering goods or requesting for services, you are required to go through the reconciliation processes (more)

Purchase order generation

February 5th,2019
Purchase order generation

It is a known fact that if your business is into inventory, then maintaining the purchase order, purchase invoice and sales invoice is a regular routine. (more)

Multi-book Accounting- the game changing software feature for accountants

February 5th,2019
Multy book accounting - ERP Software

What is multi-book accounting?
Multi-book accounting refers to the process of handling multiple book of accounts in your business for different branches, subsidiaries.

effitrac ERP Delighted with 2 Esteemed ERP Software Titles

January 22nd,2019
erp comparison

Today, we are happy to let our customers know that Finances online, a very popular B2B software review platform, has awarded us with “Rising Star award” and “Premium Usability award”. (more)

Indications that suggests you need a new ERP System

January 4th,2019
ERP Software

An ERP selection is extremely tough. You will find it initially tough to choose which ERP is best suited for your business. (more)

ERP for increasing ROI

December 21st,2018
ROI in ERP Software

Many businesses are still struggling to manage their high-priority business tasks by giving limited attention to repetitive, simpler tasks. (more)

What is the future of CRM?

December 10th,2018
Future of CRM

Will future CRM Software bring more customers to your doorstep?

There will be a time period when your business is able to create a spotlight for itself.