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What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) comprises manifold processes in which a company or a manufacturer will be able to manage and integrate the most vital processes of a business.

An ERP management is an area that integrates processes such as scheduling, planning, purchasing, selling marketing, project management, Human resources, Billing and Accounting. Enterprise Resource Planning software is very much in use in almost all the fields. There are several software providers who abide by the day-to-day tasks and necessities of an organization. Proper training will be provided to the user front without any delay.

Why is ERP Software important?

Enterprise resource planning is the internetwork between various departments in an organization. It acts as a bridge connecting each individual of an organization. In general, each and every department would have set their own system for attending to that particular department’s tasks. With an ERP Software by reach, information sharing between different companies becomes easier. There is no way for the communication gap between different sectors of the business. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software acts as the central nervous system of the business. If we have to speak in terms of computer technology, then it is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the business. It collects all the information from the user, stores it and sends it to different divisions of the organization. The main intention behind an ERP Software is to increase the productivity and reduce the paper works. It is proven that 8 % of the companies using an ERP Software was able to minimize the stress level in their work environment. An ERP Software is similar to the central nervous system in many ways. The ”consciousness” accompanied by the business intelligence feature enables the end customer to stay more alert and well informed on various topics like nance, human resources, distribution and production. ERP Software connects different branches of an organization, thus disassociating the company with costly and incompatible technologies. Several features like generating invoices, accounts payables, lead details and other such vital details are available in one place i.e an ERP Software. The first ever ERP system was developed by SAP. It is a software company created in by three software engineers from Mannheim, Germany. SAP’s main aim was to connect different sectors of a business by sharing any information that is collected from every department to help the business work faster and efficiently. After that, many ERP software development companies started brewing in different parts of the world. But only some of them has managed to create a spotlight for themselves.

Why do customers hesitate to use ERP Software?

ERPs are generally considered expensive. It is a general myth that a company would need to invest more in case they are using an ERP. It is true that if an ERP is not implemented properly and carefully, the company would face severe losses. An ERP does not forever eliminate business defects. They have to implement it well, or else they may end up with unnecessary troubles. But not all ERP Software is costly or inefficient. There are lots of such software on which you can rely all your business needs. Some enterprises are hesitant to let go of their old software. Data migration must also be offered to let customers migrate their data from the previous system. There are many factors to consider while using an ERP Software. It is always good to use an integrated, all-in-one ERP suite if you are completely new or fussed up with your business processes.

What statistics have to offer?

Statistics can show the current trends and minds of people. It is a collection of what customers think, and what products have stolen the limelight in the market. It is always good to throw a look at the statistics before coming to the final conclusion. There are many statistics that show the efficiency of an ERP Software. We have showcased here the statistics given by Panorama. Check it if you are willing to know how Businesses are changing their minds for good when it comes to an ERP software. The statistics have proven the following:-

  • 8 % of organizations are into implementing ERP software for the business purpose.
  • 10% of organizations are on talks to implement ERP Software.
  • 12% are going to upgrade their ERP software.
  • 6% of the common reason that companies are stating for implementing ERP Software is to replace older ERP software or legacy systems. This shows the increasing curvature of ERP trends. It is always advisable to have an Enterprise Resource Planning approach in your business. To enrich your business experience, it is advisable to use an ERP software. Similar to an ERP Software is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, which is used to increase your customer experience. An inventory management software and project management software are known to reduce your workload and increase profitability. Hence you can make use of it too.


It is always good to follow the stated points while choosing an ERP Software. Without an ERP Software, it is almost impossible to run your business stress-free. Use Effitrac for a wonderful customer experience.

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