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Customer Relationship Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tactic by which businesses manage the relationship, interactions and task scheduling with leads and customers.

A CRM system always helps companies to know what their leads are up to, what is the evolving trend in the industry and how customers react to it. By knowing this, business personnel will benefit from the ever-changing market scenarios. There are a few questions that need to get answered when it comes to CRM. Let us see what they are.

What is a CRM?

A CRM(Customer relationship management) is a software that can manage the customer activities. It is not a software to manage the day-to-day activities of a business like ERP does. A CRM is mostly limited to customer front. It is not a software through which you can carry out your trading activities. It is a software with which you can communicate with your customers/leads, inform them about the potential changes in your business, keep them updated and never let them get distracted on the bay. You can also manage the Sales and purchase activities, know how your team performs through KPI and generate reports.

What do business people mean when they say “CRM”?

Business people would mean a software which can perform all the customer’s activities, generate reports, manage the sales activities and improve your ROI as a CRM Software.

Let us suppose you have an appointment with your lead at 3.40 PM. You might get tangled between different tasks. It is more likely to forget the meeting. This might turn down the customer and lead you to lose the offer. What if there is a tool where you can store the customer details like tasks, events and schedules? That software tool is what business people call Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software. It makes your tasks, schedules and events organised. You never need to face the clunky schedules anymore. A CRM will take care of it.

Why is CRM an integral part?

There are several factors which make a CRM Software vital and integral. For a business, customers are the king. They are what your team works hard for. By chalking out a strategy for your customer relationship management, you can always stay punctual and organised. You never ever lose a lead anymore. This is what a CRM is much useful for. It lets you improve your business relationships, stay connected with your customers on the go and provide turnaround support to your customers.

Moreover, Businesses will not benefit by losing their lead details or updating any detail lately.

How do Businesses benefit directly from CRM?

Businesses are marked based on their commitment towards their customers. The CRM is the silver bullet for handling your day-to-day customer schedules. Businesses will not only have a customer-centric workforce experience, but they will have an everlasting customer bond. This is what makes CRM special for businesses. It has a direct impact on their business. Due to business involvement, it is expected that CRM will become a $40 million industry by 2021.

Why is a Cloud-based CRM system recommended?

There are a variety of reasons that can be stated for this question. Some of them are below:-
Providing high-level security- Your data will always stay safe in the cloud, with features like drive storage. There will not be any threat to your data being stolen or misuse of data at any point in time. At the business level, your data will not get scrubbed away. It will always stay safe, sound and secured.

Easy access for business development team

Your business development team will not endure any data misplace or data loss. They can access the customer related data, at any time, anywhere. Your business development team will not get deviated from looking on to your customer data. You can always remember that your team will eventually stay ignited and focussed by using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool

Integrated Mobile app

With a mobile app, it becomes even easier to connect with your clients. You will never have to look for your customer details anywhere else but on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone will become a central area where the data can be accessed without any distractions. You can access almost anything from your mobile phone.

More compatible

Businesses are more compatible with a cloud CRM, which is integrated with the E-Mail, MS Office and other such relevant products. The compatibility is owing to the easy access to data, storage facility and security that the cloud platform offers to the business. Nowadays, CRM tools are very much user-friendly and adaptable for businesses. This has made businesses choose CRM.

What statistics have to convey?

The average use of CRM tools in a business is 24%, statistics prove. Some of the businesses have pointed out that the CRM adoption rate is higher than 90%. In an average, it is seen that the adoption rate is 47%. The main sectors that it covers is Technical and customer support.


CRM is the best option for all types of businesses. With a CRM, you can always stay in touch your leads and customers. It is good to look at the features of the CRM Software. More than anything, it is important to choose the right CRM Software for your business. Effitrac provides one of the best CRM Software services. With Effitrac, you can expect a seamless, user-oriented customer experience.

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