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Differences between ERP SCM and CRM

difference between SCM CRM ERP


Nowadays, with the technology and critical advancements of it, the competition is at its stiff. An automated, integrated ERP Software or a CRM Software will help businesses reduce their stress level.

May it be an ERP Software or the CRM Software or an SCM Software, businesses are required to know their requirements before choosing them. Each software has its own unique points. But many business personnel still lack that clarity when it comes to these topics. Keep in point these differences before you choose what is best for you.

ERP Software

It is one among the Business Management Software. It is used by businesses to manage the day to day activities on a regular basis.
It mirrors important elements of business like Billing & Accounting, Inventory management, project management, Trading and enables us to perform these in less time.
An ERP Software may not have a direct impact on your business. But it is proven that
Using ERP, a business unit can collect, interpret, decipher, manage and store data from numerous activities like production, assembly, cost management and service providing.
An ERP Software acts as the central unit of a business, carrying out the vital priorities of the business.
An ERP Software can help you set targets and reach them on time.
An ERP Software can add value to your business, without you having to spend a lot of time, to make progressive decisions.
An ERP Software can help you set up your own strategy and goals.

SCM Software

An SCM Software is in one way or the other, connected to ERP. But its major focus is on the management of the flow of goods and services, which includes all the important processes to convert raw goods into final products.
In supply chain management, the process takes place as follows:-
An SCM Software involves coordination and involvement of these flows, both inside and outside among companies.
It includes stream-lining of a business’s supply chain activities to amplify customer potential and earn a competitive place in the market.
An SCM software will also help potential customers to develop and implement supply chain techniques which are cheap and best.
Supply chains represent the effort taken by suppliers to wrap everything in a single platform from production, assembly to development of the product.
An SCM Software can also involve information systems that are needed to guide through these things.

CRM Software

CRM is the domain sector which concentrates on managing a company’s interaction with leads, potentials and customers.
It is a new-age technology to understand, organize, segregate, automate and connect the sales, marketing, customer and technical support services under one roof.
With CRM Software, you can handle the lead/ customer oriented tasks like attending to calls, planning the events, allotting the lead owner, identifying the lead status and keeping track of the leads.
CRM Software lets you plan your lead activities in-hand so that you never miss a lead.
With CRM Software, you can easily handle the customer activities without stress.
You can ensure that no customer data is lost with a CRM
An ERP Software, SCM Software and CRM Software will suffice a business unit to carry out the day-to-day tasks of their business without any hassles. Choosing the right platform is what it matters. Enable Effitrac for a better business experience.
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