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How Businesses can benefit from Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robots are here! They have arrived at the port! Are they taking over the world? Not exactly. They are here to simplify our daily activities in a proactive manner with Robotic Process Automation.

Before we begin, what is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves reducing your work-time spent on boring, mundane and repetitive tasks by automating these processes through software modules. Every employee wishes to contribute something productively to their organisation, The barrier in the way are those boring, yawn-provoking tasks which might even lead to demotivation. A single human error might lead to serious aftermath. Hence if we automate these processes, it would save more time and energy, leading to increased productivity for the businesses.

What industry talks are going on regarding RPA?

  • Gartner says that automating the business processes as much as you can would remove the chances for human error.
  • According to Software Testing and Big Data Hadoop, about 10% to 20% of human work hours are being spent on repetitive tasks. This has a great impact on employee productivity, which is undesirable.
  • Around 69% of employees are in support of Automation chunking out their routine tasks, according to smart sheet.

How can it benefit the Businesses?

Imagine a bot monitoring your purchase invoice, pending payments and forecasting the profits and losses involved in your business. All you need to do is to provide the raw input data at the beginning. At a single click, you can get the data in the desired format without human intervention.

The term says it all- ‘Robotic’ Process Automation. RPA is suitable for tasks which you perform on a daily or periodic basis that does not demand your creativity or logical thinking. The psychology is, how much ever efforts we put on these mundane tasks, the benefit is not going to be much. You will lose the inspiration and motivation to work.

Repetitive tasks are the Jokers of Businesses if RPA is the Batman. Those mundane tasks would slowly kill the enthusiasm to work, suck the motivation to lead the project and blow away the efficiency and productivity expected from an employee. This is the nightmare of most of the business owners!

RPA is aimed at eliminating all those repetitive, mundane tasks to let your team focus on more productive tasks at hand. It is a boon for Businesses willing to improve their productivity, ROI and efficiency. You can automate the A-Z of the Businesses.

Robotic Process Automation is setting the trend for the future. HR, Payroll, Tax calculations, Asset and Supply Chain Management can be handled well using Robotic Process Automation. Quality management is another area which RPA can handle with ease.

RPA is set to revolutionize Manufacturing industry in a whole new way. Inventory optimization becomes much easier with Robotic Process Automation.

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