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Emirates Industry Specific Intuitive VAT Complaint ERP

Your effective management VAT compliance software for businesses in UAE.

Could an ERP Software offer you Industry specific solutions

ERP for Industries

Could an ERP Software offer you Industry-specific solutions?

Effitrac is one place for all your business needs. We have dealt with Jewelry, food, distribution, manufacturing and textile industry.

We have streamlined the supply chain management to easily enforce it in their business. With Effitrac, you can concentrate on your business empowerment, rather than other business activities.

Trading Industry

Effitrac helps the trading activities of your business with a bird’s eye view. It helps you generate efficient reports. Manage your raw material procurement, right from tracking the goods to sales and purchase of the commodities with Effitrac.Inventory management and Asset management are the two essential factors of Trading Industry. Effitrac offers reliable solutions for both. Not just that, Effitrac provides you with an integrated all in one ERP Software suite, through which you can manage the trading activities, be it import or export of goods/services. You can also view the sales transactions in a graphical view with a real-time specified data.

Manufacturing Industry

At Effitrac, we have dealt with products for discrete manufacturing industry like automobiles, bicycle, industrial and electronic equipment. We also provide the required software like Trading Software to manage the import and export of the products, Inventory management software to store their important accessories, Asset management software to manage their day to day assets among other software.
The process manufacturing industry is supplied with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Effitrac software is designed by keeping in mind the best ever ERP Practices. Effitrac helps you handle the process manufacturing needs with a great emphasis on operational excellence. It helps you improve the quality of supply chain, increase the visibility and to provide end to end traceability of the product. It would help you to accustom your business to changing trends and demands of customers.

Food Industry

An ERP Software can help Food industry a lot. Food industry relies on knowing the right amount of commodities which is required on a day-to-day process. It will help them store the commodities properly and manage the inventory without any fuss. It will also enable them to know the right amount of stock that is required for them.The process is not just about “Farm to table”. The raw fruits or vegetables has to undergo various changes in between. Hence careful planning is a must to ensure better results. An ERP Software will help a lot in this stage. It could help your QA checks, appropriate sourcing out, planning for customer delivery, importing and exporting of raw commodities, calculating the profit and loss of your restaurant.

Distribution Industry

At UAE, Effitrac provides Distributors with VAT Accounting Software, that enables smoother accounting functioning of your Businesses. Your employees will be able to manage single or multiple stores eventually. We provide HR Software for managing your workforce, Payroll Software to segregate the payment for your employees, Billing and Accounting Software to keep track of the accounts, Inventory management software to store their goods and Trading Software to keep track of imports and exports, for these industries. We customize the software according to their needs.

Textile Industry

An ERP Software is a must for Textile Industry. We have a special module for textile ERP Solutions.The supply chain management is quite tedious when it comes to textile industry. The order might get delayed due to various reasons with supply chain management just one among them. Also, managing the inventory is tough by using just an excel sheet and spreadsheets. Knowing the responsibilities of vendors and segregating the right one for your next order is a must. You need a customized, integrated ERP Software platform which can decipher your business challenges to success. Effitrac is the right choice for you. With Business intelligence, you can generate reports on your desired format at your preferred schedule.

Jewelry Industry

Effitrac has a dazzling relationship with Jewelry manufacturers. In case of gold ornaments, we will be able to segregate the amount of gold, silver and bronze, thus enabling you to avoid wastage.Their main requirement is to streamline the industry processes automatically, with no manual barriers. We offer GST and VAT Accounting software- to manage their accounting needs, HR Software-to takes care of recruitment needs, Inventory Management-to have an access to store their materials, Sales and Purchase ERP Software-to keep track of sales and purchase of their jewellery, for the Businesses.


Thus Effitrac has proven its expertise in almost all the industries that you can mention. Enable Effitrac for reliable, faster and secured results. Our cloud-enabled ERP Software, accompanied by Business Intelligence, will take your business to heights.

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