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Industry specific solutions for Start-Ups

Industry specific solutions

What do Start-Ups need?

Starting a business is a great move. It is quite easier than it seems. You get to explore a lot of adverts which will eventually turn out to be your day-to-day routine. As time goes on, you will have to take up more responsibilities.

As they say, with more power comes more responsibilities. You will be forced with the workload and paperwork. It is quite a challenge of its own. Each startup has a different responsibility.


What is a must for the Jewellery industry?

Jewellery Software
For the jewellery industry, the GST is the main concern. Also, Billing and Accounting comes more into play. Hence, they would require Billing and Accounting software. One of our clients from the jewellery industry complained about the fluctuating economy and changing trends in the gold and diamond dominated the industry. It is quite a fact since Jewelry industry will face a plethora of ordeals on a daily basis. Hence an ERP Software will play a compact role in shaping up their day to day operations.


How to face the challenges of Food industry?

Food erp
In the case of the Food industry, Supply chain management, GST compliant Billing and Accounting, Inventory management and trading becomes sophisticated. The process of farm to table, maintenance of commodities on a daily basis and imports and exports of goods adds fuel to this complexities. With an ERP Software which can take care of all the activities, it becomes easier and less fuzzy.


What about Discrete and Process Manufacturing industry?

Process Management
The Discrete and process manufacturing industry would require a software that is meant for encompassing their manpower, trading activities, and again, supply chain management, inventory tracking among other activities. They will need a work order, Bill of materials and many other unique features. This can very well be tackled using an ERP Software. An ERP Software will be able to track the daily activities of the employees, hire new employees and take care of the reimbursement process. These are some of the features available in Discrete and Process manufacturing ERP Software.


How to tackle the problems of Textile industry?

Textile ERP
When it comes to Textile industry, a separate, customized ERP Software will help textile a lot. They will require Inventory maintenance and outsourcing of the commodities. In such cases, it is important to keep track of the processes. Otherwise, it might result in unwanted expenses. To avoid this, an integrated, all-in-one ERP Software must be used. This software must be able to carry out all the tasks without any hassle or fuss.


An ERP Software must be designed in such a way that it suites all the industries. It must not be confined to a separate industry. An ERP Software must be user-friendly, easy to maintain and accessible to all the users in your business department. Effitrac is one such software, which redefines your business experience to a whole new level. With a low cost, reliable and simple ERP Software, your start-ups will be able to concentrate on business growth rather than workload. Contact us if you are willing to be a part of us.