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Integrating POS with effitrac erp

POS ERP System

A POS system would give a company/retailer a good amount of sales information, but it might still fall behind in certain crucial information related to inventory, supply chain management and customer metrics.That’s where an ERP system comes into the picture. People might argue that we would have data at two different systems, but these systems would be integrated, and integrity of the data is of high regard.

Below are certain areas where POS-ERP integration will keep a retailer competitive and bring in efficiency to their business.

Streamlining Store Replenishment

  • It’s important for retail stores to have their merchandise stocked up on the racks. An empty merchandise rack would have effect on the sales. An integrated POS-ERP System would feed the data from POS to ERP via API’s over regular interval. This would in-turn help the ERP system in determining inventory statistics & maintaining merchandise availability at the stores (alerts in case of low inventory either at racks or warehouse).

Merchandise Visibility

  • POS systems data to ERP would be analysed for making business and purchase decisions. Slow moving merchandise are easily identified and replaced with fast moving one’s more quickly.

Analytics with data

  • With a POS integrated ERP system, we would have a wealth of data with respective to sales, customer choices, inventory etc.
  • ERP systems can be configured to give out a comprehensive reports tailor made to meet business’s needs.
  • Since everything is machine driven – sales to inventory management, there would be less inaccuracies in the data we report.

Improved customer forecasting

  • With respect to customer, we would have a detailed information on customers choices like what services they had on their previous visit if we are services business or what selection of products, they regularly buy over at a super-market. Customer loyalty goes a long way in retail business. With loyalty management programs combined, business would be able better service their customer.

Increased accounting visibility

  • With data being shared across ERP systems from POS machines, business would have complete visibility over the transactions. Business could easily tally daily closings and look up balances for profit and loss statements.