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Membership Management made easier with effitrac!

Membership management software

Memberships have become the trend of this digital era. People tend to engage with brands in the form of memberships. Rewards, coupons, discounts and offers have modernized the way the hospitality and food & beverage industry work.Do you have the flexible, right solution to manage your membership activities?

Your members should be aware of the discounts that you offer at your restaurant, coupons available at your Gym and that occasional membership perks that excite them to come back. Through your membership management software, you can manage these activities with ease.

Importance of Membership Cards and Marketing Campaigns

  • Let’s take the case of Summer Resorts. Most of the members would prefer to use membership cards during holidays. In the holiday season, resort booking is at its peak. In that case, it is important to notify your members at the earliest.
  • Your members would be happy to relish those mouth-watering food items available at your restaurants at a special discount. They would be thankful if they can recreate themselves at your Gym at a lesser price with a special coupon.
  • In both the cases, marketing campaigns are the best to let them know that they are always welcome to your haven. With a professional newsletter, it is possible to attract your potential member.

How do you handle multiple member data?

  • All you need is a single, centralized platform at which you can store all your member details.
  • Let’s suppose that you offer Gold, Silver and Diamond membership cards. You could store the details of the members separately under these categories in your Membership Management Software.
  • After they register their details, you can connect it with our ERP Software. You could get their payment details including their pending payments, dues, invoices, membership options and mode of payment through Point of Sale (PoS). You can integrate your PoS directly to your ERP Software.

What are the additional perks?

  • Get forecasts on P&L, accurate reports at a single-click and make wiser decisions with our smart dashboards.
  • Get to understand how many members are available under each category, which campaigns were more profitable and which food item was the ‘most loved’ among your members based on the sales.
  • Make decisions that are data-driven.

Customization is possible. With our GST and VAT enabled Accounting Software, you can fix the rate of food and beverage items that are available at your restaurant. You would get a push-up notification if your member is eligible for any discounts or coupons.

How would your members know if they are eligible for the offers?

  • Segregate the members with our smart CRM platform. Set email campaigns, notify them of any special offers and build your brand effectively with effitrac.
  • By leveraging our Mobile App, carry out all your member-related activities sitting at the comfort of your office or workplace.
  • Is there a discount available for a separate food item at your restaurant? Is it the combo season? Let your members know.
  • Is it the birthday of your members? Why not wish them and surprise them with a special deal at your restaurant? Get Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or any other notifications on special events involving your members. Mail them to delight them.
  • If you are hosting an event, don’t forget to invite them at a click!

What else can you do?

  • Track new memberships, renewals, and expirations with the help of specialized reports.
  • Connect with your members through directories.
  • Allow members to view attendance, registration, and payment history from a custom web portal.
  • You will be capable of collecting membership sign-ups and renewals during event registration or when they visit your website.
  • Automatically send renewal reminders and purchase confirmations.
  • Manage the assets of your members such as vehicles, boats, horses, toys and much more.

What is special about effitrac?
With our Membership Management Software, you will be able to manage your members effectively without any hassle. Our flexible, simple-to-use, centralized ERP Software platform offers you with best-in-market features for your resort management requirements. Ping us if you are willing to take your association with us a step further.