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POS for Food and Beverage industry

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems have become inevitable to serve your customers like a pro. According to Smart customer service, poor customer service is stated as one of the top reasons for US brands for an estimated loss of $41 billion on an annual basis. By using Point-of-Sale, restaurateurs can impress their customers by recording their preference and providing more exquisite customer service that they tend to remember forever.

A good POS system augments to the success of a food/beverage/restaurant business apart from the fine collection of pinot noir or kuluga caviar.

POS systems have evolved from being simply punching item codes of the customer orders to giving a visual representation of the food through iPad/tablets for customers to go through the restaurant’s menu and pick their order.

A good POS system has to balance the fine act of helping restaurateurs’ better serve their customers as well as the businesses with their own operational efficiency.

How does a POS system increase a business’s sale?

Nearly 80 per cent of restaurants are moving in the direction of technology such as POS, online ordering, inventory apps, and reservations. This is owing to the benefits technology holds. These are the 8 benefits on how POS system increases the sales and efficiency of your business:-

Ease of Ordering

The mantra for increased customer footfall relates to how a business communicates with the customer. POS system on iPad/tablet would let the waiter interact with the customer by handing over the iPad/Tablet which would contain the menu. The visual presentation of a menu item appeals more to the customer than a simple text explanation. There’s also the chance for the waiter to upsell an item. Of course, having an exquisite menu helps here a lot.

Quick information flow from table to the kitchen

As soon as a customer confirms their order, it is transmitted to the kitchen staff via integrated systems. This eliminates the need for manual communication and it’s more accurate too in terms of what customer really wants. There’s no miscommunication between the server and the sous chef.

Simplified Payments

With integrations to major payment gateways, payments are simple as that. Be it either Credit card payment or payments via Apple/Samsung Pay with NFC’s POS systems can handle all in a single iPad/tablet. Be it calculating the tip for a waiter or splitting up the check everything is at the touch of a button and completed in mere 1 or 2 seconds.

How does a POS system help business efficiency?

Easy to Setup/Update menus

With 1-2-3 clicks, businesses can easily set up their menu items or upgrade the pricing or remove from the menu. It doesn’t need a steep learning curve. Just a few clicks of the button should get business up and running smoothly.

Better Customer Insights

Restaurateurs need to know about their customer’s taste of fine dining. It helps them to better serve their customers or suggest new menu/beverages. This keeps server engaged with a customer in offering their chef’s speciality item or 40-year-old wine. Patrons do appreciate when restaurants know about their taste buds

Restaurant staff efficiency

One of the major plus-points is to know about the efficiency of their staff- who looks after their customers well, who upsells better, who bring in repeated customers, etc. It also provides with kitchen hands-on efficiency in turning out dishes. One of the main issues is the table turn over rate. It helps to bring in more customer footfall with a better turnover rate.

Better inventory management

Keeping track of your stocks – be it a fine red wine or shrimps, is more important in the restaurant business than any other. A POS needs to have inventory management which would help to alleviate situations with alerts over low inventories. At end of the day, it should also report on overall inventory even on the smallest ingredients so we would be at a better position on putting in purchase orders.

Better Finance management

And the most important of all, the sales. Business needs to iron-out their checks and balances at end of each day. Reconciliation has to happen with the accounting system to calculate closing balances for the day, week, month and year.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, it is high-time that restaurateurs switch to a proper POS System for more delightful customer experience. Restaurateurs always work towards ensuring that their customers leave the venue with a smile. To ensure this, POS Systems are the silver bullets. Integrating them with ERP Software will pave way for smoother business workflow. Why wait? Contact us to know more about our services.