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Project Accounting Software

Project Accounting software

Project Accounting: Manage your projects with ease

Track your budgets, estimates, costs, revenues, time of any project at a single place.
effitrac Project Management Software allows you to automate the project accounting processes of your business.With effitrac Project management software, you can generate better financial insights for the individual projects, thus managing your overall project related activities under a single umbrella.

Why effitrac is the right solution for project accounting software?

Have a look at some of our USP’s that helped our existing clients to efficiently track project accounting.

  • Simplified and automated all in one system. be it General Ledgers, Account Payables, Accounts Receivables and Inventory Management.
  • Accurate & Real time insights throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Helps streamline the effective utilization of human resources
  • Manage your projects anywhere at any time using our android & iOS mobile apps.
  • Dynamic workflows

What else can you do?
Manage your resources smartly
Right people for the right task. With resource tracking, be on top of your resources from day one. Tracking their tasks, timelines to be on-top of deadlines is paramount to projects deadlines. With our self-service login, every resource is aware of their tasks, deadlines, etc. As a manager you have an overall view on the whole project as well as individual resources.
Manage your project expenses
With effitrac Project Management Software, keep your projects on track and keep your stakeholders in a comfy-zone.

  • Manage time and expenses, establish a proper rapport with your team and help your team members access the details online.
  • Track the difference between actuals and estimates.
  • Note your business expenses, keep track of the journal entries along with invoices to the projects that are in hand.

Effitrac Project Management Software helps you to mind what matters, rather than the external factors which are mundane and pesky. (put it in quotes)
Streamline the invoices along with the revenue
With effitrac Project Management Software, you can drastically improve the financial accuracy of your business.

  • Leverage the right data and abide by the Time & Material methods.
  • Customize and keep track of your invoices. Number them according to your company policies.

The project accounting system that gives better answers, so you get better ideas
With business intelligence powered reports and dashboards, you can track the performance of your project and keep up with the processes up-to-date. Answer your stakeholders regarding the current status of the project, milestones achieved and invoice details. Management team is updated costing, revenues and utilization through dashboards and reports designed especially for them. This will help you improve the project margins.
The three main bottlenecks it solves:-
Project Accounting

Key benefits

  • Streamline project capabilities according to the needs and requirements of your business
  • Compare new project bids with better data available and improve the project margins
  • Improved client satisfaction, customer loyalty and improved processes
  • Through revenue recognition, you can plan your budgets in a pre-planned and accurate manner.
  • Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency
  • Keep a track on schedules, milestones and percentage of the project completed. Know your project better than ever.

Enable effitrac Project Management Software for better project accounting options. Schedule a call with our Experts today to learn more about project accounting automation.