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Purchase order generation

Purchase order generation

It is a known fact that if your business is into inventory, then maintaining the purchase order, purchase invoice and sales invoice is a regular routine.Purchase order creation, that too manually, is quite time-consuming and rather mind-numbing. It is more prone to errors, which happens on a daily basis. If your business’s focal point lies in inventory, then you will be required to maintain the purchase orders on a more regular basis. Why not automate the entire process?

Purchase order generation erp
The time-consuming Purchase Order Tasks can be automated easily with Effitrac Sales & Purchase modules. We offer you a 100% tax compliant solution, with easier to use, integrated features. What’s more? It’s high time for your company for investing a bit more to create purchase orders. An automated purchase order generation will come handy at this point.

Spending over your budget for purchase order creation?

Have a thorough look at the numbers to which the purchase order consumes when it is supposed to be created manually. It can be a tedious, time consuming and annoying job. We could not agree more with this point. Look at how many hours your company takes in creating a purchase order. Have a note on how many labour charges are incurred. You will be amazed at the core.

Make less manual errors

While you calculate the mistakes your company makes due to manual error, you will understand that you shouldn’t be wasting too much time on this. Most common mistakes are duplicate purchase orders, or purchase orders with little information or lost purchase orders.
Do human-made errors of purchase order bother you?

On an average term, Does your company create purchase orders with more manual errors? Does using Microsoft Dynamics GP and other tools leave you with more errors? Think twice. This will not be the case if you are going to employ an automated purchase order. It will give way for more compatibility and reliability. Easily generate purchase order within less time.

Mistakes like lost purchase orders, duplicate purchase orders, or purchase orders with wrong information can turn hazardous for your sales team. While you implement an automated purchase order generator, most of the errors will be eliminated.

Compared to the costs of mistakes and inaccuracy of the data, it is better if you are going to implement automated purchase order. You can shop around for the product which is considered to be the best fit for your business. Taking into consideration the cost it takes to purchase the product, the cost of labour and the inaccuracy of the data can also be taken into account. These all factors will reduce drastically if you are going to use an automated purchase order.

Also, the automated purchase order generation will leave you to stress-free implementation and allow you to generate more revenue for your business with less manual work.

At effitrac, we offer the best-automated purchase order options available. Trust effitrac, if you are willing to experience an easy turn of purchase order handling.