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Emirates Industry Specific Intuitive VAT Complaint ERP

Your effective management VAT compliance software for businesses in UAE.

What makes Effitrac unique ?

effitrac ERP Solutions

ERPs and CRMs have come a long way from being an expensive, unaffordable privilege to helping SMEs achieve a cult status. They are commendable in every field from Jewelry manufacturing to Food industry. There are a number of ERP and CRM service providers. Among all these SaaS providers, Effitrac stands apart in its performance and capability. Let us examine the reasons.

One place || Limitless solutions

It is really hard to depend on different service providers for multi-purposes like Billing & Accounting, HRMS & Payroll among others. It would be convenient if all these are available under one roof. Effitrac provides you with it. At present, there are over 12 ERP products that

Effitrac wishes to offer your business. Our major services include:-

  1. HRMS & Payroll Management
  2. GST compliant Billing & Accounting software
  3. Inventory management
  4. Trading ERP
  5. Discrete and Process Manufacturing ERP
  6. Professional service ERP
  7. Money Remittance and Exchange
  8. Asset Management
  9. Project Management
  10. EPC ERP

We also offer a reliable, user-friendly CRM with which you can perform your lead or customer-oriented activities. It is as simple as that.

Industry Knowledge

We know the ropes and we learn the ropes. We knew your industry requirements and with our customizable, agile ERP software, we let you perform your tasks with ease. We offer our solutions for over 6 verticals, covering all their industry needs from GST compliant Billing and Accounting to handling Supply Chain Management process. The main

verticals we are concerned of are:-


Using Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, you can calculate the Return On Investment from the data we provide through Effitrac. The amount you invest in our software will be doubled when it reaches you back. So, our software will worth your time and money. Also, by knowing the ROI, you can easily determine which investments are well-suited for your business. Effitrac will provide you with a clear picture. This will lead to lithe decisions for your business.


Effitrac provides you with adequate Know-how to ensure you are on the right track with the right information. Our software is easy-to-use and does not require any expert training for usage. We help you achieve a complete understanding of the business process, as we understand how the industry works and we are building applications with future insights.

Quicker implementation

The process takes to implement our ERP software is trouble-free and simple. We provide all the needed resources for a better implementation of the ERP software. It does not take a long time to implement the software according to your business needs.

Native Language

Effitrac offers multi-lingual and multi-currency facilities to enable you to perform the tasks as per your convenience. You can customize the software with your preferred language and currency settings, according to your geographical location.

Customised Fit

The customisation is the main benefit of using our ERP software. According to your business and industry demands, you can customise the software without much fuss. This will enable you to run your business with ease using Effitrac ERP Software. Every business has its own demands and requirements. Effitrac understands it and customizes the app accordingly.

Cloud-enabled Architecture

Effitrac provides cloud storage facilities for your business. You can rely on the fact that your data is stored in a safe arena through the cloud. Our cloud-enabled ERP solutions will trigger the stress-free business process. You will never lose your data at any cost.

Happy customers

At Effitrac, Customers are the king. We offer the best customer experience. With 15000+ Happy users, Effitrac is always looking forward to offering quality products to the customers. You can check our home page to get to know some of our valuable clients.
Hope you got an insight on why Effitrac is unique among the business. If you are willing to get to know about our products, contact us at sales@effitrac.com. Before that, make sure to try out our free trial.