Always be Audit ready with Effitrac Asset Management!

Track your asset functions, production and maintenance, uptime and downtime, warranty and compliance and manage your fixed assets, asset inventory.

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What is Asset Management?

Asset management is a system used to monitor and maintain things that are of value to the organization. It is applicable to both tangible and intangible assets. It is also defined as the day-to-day process by which you develop, operate, maintain, dispose and upgrade your assets with less cost.

Why choose Effitrac Asset Management software?

Effitrac offers you with integrated asset management platform, that provides all-in-one solution for your business needs.


Carry out asset buyout, asset transaction and asset purchase agreement
without any hassle using Effitrac.


Keep track of all the fixed assets of your business and properly maintain a register containing the details of them. Thus manage and control the assets effectively.

Maintenance Log

Track all the maintenance expenses incurred for the fixed assets & take right decisions.


In case of ownership change of an asset, they may be required to shift from one account to another. Now track the movement of these assets effectively.

Track unique IDs

Track the unique numbers, license and other liabilities assigned to the asset.

Fixed Asset Verification

Effitrac helps you to conduct physical asset verification using RFID stickers which the software embeds virtually on the assets.


Always be Audit ready

Generate reports easily, carry out with warranty and compliance without any hassles and always stay audit ready.

Increase Organization of Asset Data

No more annoying spreadsheets to hinder your asset management. Organize your data effectively with Effitrac.

Keep documents organized

Likewise asset data, you can always keep your documents like purchase orders, user guides and insurance policies organized.

Automated processes

Reduce data vulnerabilities and financial risk, transfer your assets easily through automated software patching

Business intelligence and tracking

Track your payment process and inventories. Spend and deploy only what is needed

Easy integration

Integrate your Asset management software with multiple other platforms and streamline your work process.

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