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Enable our Plug & Play and omni-channel features for communication with other service providers.

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What are the features that we offer?

Pluggable Integrations

Integration with other modules is not as tedious with effitrac. You can integrate our software with the modules that you desire by choosing the modules which you need in a plug and play format.

Transformation & Communication Rules

Control your business and communicate with your employees on the go. We transform the way your organization works.

Supports APIs, B2B, EDI, SOA, Micro services, ESB

We provide B2B services with our integrated modules. Integrate APIs and transfer data in a standardized and secure manner. We are here to offer you tech support at any time.

Platform Independent

Independently work on any operating system without any worries. Our Software supports and works efficiently all operating systems.

Enable SaaS

We provide extensive SaaS applications that can turn your business related activities simpler, enjoyable and productive.

Special Use Cases that we serve

Modernize legacy systems

Be flexible to any changes. Our agile, adaptable platform enables you to stay ready for any new changes or updates in the market.

Enable Omni channel Experience

Our Software is mobile and tablet-friendly. Connect with your team anywhere at any time.

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