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Manage shifts, rotations and enable bio-metric integration at one place with our time management module.

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What are the features that we offer?

Shift Schedules

Keep track of individual employee shift schedules. Notify your employees of the same.

Global Attendance Rules

Are you worried about configuring grace-in, grace-out and overtime? With dynamic attendance rule engine, you can define rules based on office location, category or department.

Week-off configurations

Schedule the week-off for the employees and rotate them based on the rules at a click.

Shift Rotations

Automatically rotate the 8 hours shifts for the employees to achieve 24/7 coverage with ease

Bio-Metric Integrations

Automate your employee attendance by integrating the bio-metric devices with minimal steps.

Over Time Rules

We offer error-free solutions to track overtime as well as working on holiday by capturing late coming, week off and overtime.


Streamline compliance reporting with the help of advanced reports.

What are the special use-cases that we offer?

Deductions on Grace-in/Grace-out

Deduce the pay on the basis of grace-in or grace-out time of employees.

Shift Auto Reconciliation

Auto reconcile the shift details and make sure that your employees are paid appropriately.

Geo-Location Tagging

Capture the attendance of their employees from any location, at any given time using mobility solution's

Windows Probe for Attendance

Track attendance using LDAP/Active Directory logins via laptops & desktops.

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