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Lead Management


Track and view the total leads, calls, events and tasks on a weekly basis and analyse the performance using charts.


Track the tasks allotted with respect to the particular lead and optimize the priority level, status and due date of task completion.


Take daily, free hand notes on customer details, analysis or anything that is important.


Allot an ID for events or meetings to avoid confusion and note down the location and status for the event that is on progress.


Never miss the details of a phone call! Record the lead name, their purpose for contacting you, subject spoken on, call type, call date and status of the lead.

Sales enquiry

Keep a track on the customer sales enquiry regarding quotation, payment summary or any of their queries without muddling yourself.

Differences of Non CRM user & effitrac CRM user

  • Leads tracking becomes tougher
  • Converting leads to customers becomes complex
  • Important details of leads goes missing
  • Events and meetings turn out unorganised
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Effitrac CRM USERS
  • Easier lead tracking
  • Conversion of leads to customers does not have any barriers
  • Keep a perfect record of every details of your leads
  • Properly organised events and meetings with customers

Key Reason to Choose effitrac CRM

Don’t miss any leads

Every lead counts! Never let them go with our CRM app.

Visualise your striking plan

From identifying your lead to building your customer relationship, Effitrac supports you invariably.

Effective customer monitoring

Know what is on the minds of your customers! Attend to their queries, phone calls and demands without much stress.

Improve your communication level

Customers will no longer complain improper customer service with Effitrac CRM. Build a strong interaction level with them.

Record every details carefully

Never miss a single detail of your customer. Keep a note on their demands, plan accordingly and act smartly on-time.

Make promising decisions

Effitrac lets you understand, plan and act according to your customer needs, which is the key for great decisions.

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