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Effitrac Project Management is a comprehensive solution for supervisors / managers who plan and execute simple or complex tasks / projects.

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Create work Harmony

Generate better plan

Plan your work and work your plan using Effitrac, the best place to plan effectively and execute it accordingly.

Monitor Project progress

Track your task progress and keep an update on whatever your team members are upto.

Reduce work overload

No more manual tasks to turn your employees gloomy.Reduce your work stress and let your employees relax a bit.

Easy project setup

Say goodbye to complex setup processes! From task creation to task allotment, handle everything at a click.

Improve Communication

Communicate with your team members and keep them updating what has to be done, to take your project to next level.

Make perfect decisions

Never make a disastrous decision that will jeopardize your business role ! Make clear-cut decisions that will have a great impact.

Task & Defect Management


Know your task and manage it like an expert with Effitrac. Right from task handling to task completion, Effitrac is your kin next door.


In case of any defects, know them and sort them out at a moment. No more bugging down and toiling hard with your team.

Plan & Schedule


Schedule your task and update yourself and your team members when it has to near completion and if there is any delay.


Plan your tasks and execute your plans effectively with Effitrac. Keep notes of your plan and sort out the best in action.


Ticket Management


Manage the customer requests when they raise tickets on certain issues or when they require some informations.Your customers just need to click a button to access your help desk. You can guide and resolve those issues on time.

Time Sheet

Keep an update on the day to day activities of your team members and calculate their performance ratio accurately without any trouble. Assess your team, calculate their productivity, recognise their efforts and reward them generously through our ERP software.


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