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Gaining clear clarity on your tickets is a must to ensure that your company is on the right track. A mere inbox is not going to suffice your ticket management activities. Keep track of your customer requests with effitrac Ticket Management Software.

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What are the features that set us apart?

More tickets, one platform

Restructure all your client-related activities at a single place. Reduce the time spent on your tickets.

Avoid agent crashing

Is there an agent already working on the same ticket? Intimate them through our Ticket management Software.

Easier setup

We offer simpler setup, customization and integration options to keep you on the right track.

Process automation

Addressing tickets fastly will ensure an increase in customer loyalty and trust. Hence we have automated the entire process to keep you going.

Team collaboration

Have a big team working diligently behind the screens? Pull them in with our integrated ERP and CRM Software tools.

Smart reports

Get detailed reports at a click on issues fixed, pending tickets and much more with effitrac Ticket Management Software.

Mobile app

Your customer service team need not work overtime or 24x7. With the Mobile Apps, they can work anywhere, at any time without any intervention.

Why should you rely on our services?

We employ the new-gen technologies and high-end processes to ensure that your ticket management processes are in the right loop.

  • Segregate the tickets based on the types, priority and division.
  • Ensure team presence and connect with various teams while addressing the tickets.
  • RPA enabled processes to help you reduce your workload and improve your productivity.
  • Increased ROI and customer loyalty.

Let us know what you think. If you feel that we are the right match for your business ticket management requirements, we are here to help you.

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