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Manage the commissions, schedule the payments and set dynamic rules for your vendors and employees with effitrac!

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What are the features that we offer?

We offer you with the following features to manage your commissions in an efficient manner
Commission Criteria

Set commission criteria based on deals or values. Whenever the deals are won and targets are met, they would be able to map the sales invoice accordingly.

Dynamic Rules

Set commission according to the type of sales, criteria, user and vendor. Configure those dynamic rules anytime, at anywhere according to your convenience.

Rules for Vendors & Employees

Set the commission rules on the basis of vendors and employees. Segregate and pipeline them under different categories. Generate commission pay slip according to these rules.

Slab Configuration

Configure the commission slab meant for your partners and sales team. Integrate it with the Payroll software to redirect the details to the employee pay slip.

Dynamic Pay Schedules

The payment schedules can be configured based on weekly, monthly or yearly basis according to your preference.

Commission Register

Register the details of the commission based on the sales won, commission paid to each partner, the highest rated partner and comparison of different partners.

Special Use Cases that we serve

Commission Settlements

Settle the commissions without any delay with effitrac. Schedule the settlements and settle them accordingly.

Accounting Integration

Integrate with our Accounting Software to pay commissions on the flow. Generate Sales invoice and comission pay slip at an instant.

Why should you choose effitrac?

Settlements, Accounts integration, payslip generation... these add up to create a huge impact on your business. Have a look at what benefits you can avail through this directly

  • Organised processes
  • Accurate reports
  • Business intelligence powered dashboards
  • Mobile-friendly solutions

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