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Effitrac Trading ERP is a single window, micro-verticalized ERP solution that consolidates purchase, inventory, supplier, and customer processes for streamlined business operations.

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Why should you switch to Trading ERP?

An ERP software can help trading and distribution sector avail lots of benefits. Having a modern, automated ERP system for distribution and inventory management can help increase visibility, improve demand planning, and increase accuracy in reporting.

Increase Visibility
Improve Demand Planning
Increase Accuracy in Reporting

Why choose Effitrac?

Effitrac facilitates efficient financial and cost management with
multi-divisional/multi-departmental accounting, enables enhanced quality management and
offers incisive business information for better decision-making.

What We Offer?

Consolidation of purchase requests and quotations
Quotations comparison and vendor selection
In-built order approval
Multi-currency order
Automated intercompany purchase processing
Freight/additional sales process expense management
Generation of letter of credit for exports and imports
Procurement budgeting and much more
Credits/cash/advance payments incorporated into the sales process


Enhanced visibility

With our automated ERP software, ERP users can ensure that they have a clear perception of their inventory.

Manage efficiently

Streamline your inventory management, save your time in tracking and managing your data and handle it without any hassles.

Reduce errors

Avoid manual errors, keep a check on trading processes and manage tasks for multiple geographies with multilingual and multi currency format.

Plan your demands

With our incredible business analytic capabilities, you can know the trend and find out the stock needed to run your business without any fuss.

Accurate reporting

Effitrac provides you with accurate reporting facilities, with which you can make the best decisions for your business.

Give your opponent a chance to admire you

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