Manage your reimbursement processes by enabling accuracy!

Register and track your reimbursements, approval workflows and direct deposits to bank with payroll dispersal effortlessly with effitrac!

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What are the features that we offer?

Get rid of the longer, manual reimbursement processes. Provide approvals at a click and we ensure that the process doesn’t consume more time and energy. Have a look at the reimbursement features that we offer
Advances & Claims

Keep track of the advances and claims that are due to your employees under our centralized platform. Approve them at a click.


Easily store the attachments such as invoices, reimbursement claim and other expense related documents.

Approval Workflow

Define approval workflows for reimbursements based on hierarchy and other factors. Send email notification to the participants.

Reimbursement Register

Register the reimbursement details of your employees. Keep a track on them.

Accounts Integration

Integrate the reimbursement management module with our accounts module and post journal entries automatically.

Bank Transfers

With effitrac, you can generate reports at a click and transfer reimbursement funds directly to the employee bank accounts.

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