360-degree view of all your Participants/Contacts

Manage your vendors, customers, agents and all other contact related activities at a single go.

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What are the features that we offer?

Group your contacts, categorize and rank them based on their merits using our Contact management system. These are the features that we offer

Group Vendors, Customers, Agents etc. based on the nature of collaboration.


Capture the complete profile of your participants & their contacts with ease.

Tier Management

Categorize vendors and customers based on their merits, location, accomplishments, loyalty and so on.


Be it Invoices, payment reminders, payment settlements or your statements, keep your contacts posted instantly.


Carry out activities related to Accounts Payables, Receivables and Reconciliation at one click.

Price List

Create price list for a specific tier or customers on the go.

What are the special use-cases that we offer?

Customer Tier

As per your desired criteria, classify the customers based on tiers and offer them with benefits.

Desired Vendors

Compare different vendors with real-time, business intelligence enabled data. Classify the desired vendors at a click.

Vendor Rating

Rate the vendors based on their pricing, performance and quality of service.

Smart Documents

With smart document management options, you can tag, fetch, view and print the documents at a click.

Why should you choose effitrac?

We offer a flexible solution that matches with the changing time period. These are the benefits that you can avail with our Software

  • Smart document and report management
  • Comparison of vendors and customers
  • Real-time data
  • Improved communication

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