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Whether you belong to the Leather or Food industry, you deserve a better Process Manufacturing software.

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Search TNA plan

Search for your required Time and Action plan on the basis of planned start & end date and actual start & end date.

Work order

Now you can automatically create, view and search for work order to track maintenance and repair work. Generate a WO status report based on it.

Material Demand Summary

Simply provide the product category and product class. Create a material demand which is based upon your job order, customer, manufacture materials.

Job order maintenance

Create, search, view and initiate job orders which have been outsourced to other vendors. Notify incase of any issues, generate new receipts and inspect it using Effitrac.

Daily process activity

In process manufacturing, check the day-to-day activities that are carried out for your product selling based on different manufacturing styles.

Process Activity detail

Check the processes that has taken place for selling your product from the start date to end date based on production unit, type, employee code and vendor.

Production Operation

Create, view and search for production details. Generate status report based on it.

Active Order Process

Process your active orders by providing the order ID and style ID. Get to know the status of your process and other complete details via simple dashboard.

Pre budget and costing

Prepare a budget, note down the expenses in advance and plan your budget accordingly.

Fabric program

Accurately know how much raw materials is needed for your textile industry and minimise the losses.



Improve yield and quality

Quality management is easier than before using our software.

Meet tough regulatory standards

Stay ahead with reports to tackle inspections and auditing.

Fulfill your orders faster

Always be on time, when it comes to delivering your products

Prevent thefts

By using IDs for every products, theft is going to be far from common.

Manage your inventory

Know when and what to purchase for creating that perfect product.

Be prepared for supply shortages

If there is a bulk order, be ready to deal with it with Effitrac.

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