Core HR

No more mind boggling paper works to worry about! Effitrac HRMS lets your HR perform their task with delight.

Relationship Management - HR Payroll Software
Relationship Management

Define workflows based on your team
structure and manage them effectively.

Paperless - HR Payroll Software
Paperless HR

Go-Green by opting to adopt modern technology to manage your Employee documents till separation letters.

Onboarding - HR Payroll Software

We ensure all onboarding admin steps are covered in one place & to make hiring and employee transitions easier than ever.

Statutory Compliance - HR Payroll Software
Statutory Compliance

Regulate your operations with hassle-free compliances.

E-Separation - HR Payroll Software
E - Separation

Organized & Simple transparent process to say goodbye when it is required.

Visa Management - HR Payroll Software
Visa Management

Helps to track VISA requirements,stamping & expiry effectively.

Employee Benefits - HR Payroll Software
Employee Benefits

We are managing employee benefits simple.

Incident Management - HR Payroll Software
Incident Management

Take timely decision with the help of registered incident and proof submited.

Leave management

Now you needn’t keep track of the employee schedules, leaves and attendances through papers. Effitrac does that for you.

Biometric Integration - HR Payroll Software
Biometric Integration

Automate your employee attendance by integrating the biometric devices with minimal steps.

Employee Scheduling - HR Payroll Software
Employee Scheduling

Helps your business plan and manage shifts, employee schedules.

Attendance Management - HR Payroll Software
Attendance Management

Tracking your employee attendance, working hours, holidays, and more in real time.

OT Holidays - HR Payroll Software
OT & Holidays

Error-free solutions to track overtime & working on Holiday by capturing late coming, overtime, week off.

Leave Management - HR Payroll Software
Leave Management

Automates & manage all your employee leave information based on the rules defined.

Reports Compliance - HR Payroll Software
Reports & Compliance

Streamline compliance,reporting, with advanced reports.

Payroll Services

Manage your Monthly and Yearly Payroll with less fuss. Keep an eye on the Employee claims, Loans, and similar entities with less efforts.

Pay Calculation - HR Payroll Software
Payday Calculation

Generate salary with greater accuracy using custom defined rules & formula.

Deductions - HR Payroll Software

Empowers HR with ad hoc deduction for the irregular deduction transactions.

Loan - HR Payroll Software

Powerful tool to facilitate your HR department in performing loan-related activities.

Claims - HR Payroll Software

Employees can apply with receipt attachments and approve the expense claims based on the workflow.

Incentive Bonus - HR Payroll Software
Incentive & Bonus

Lets you define several incentives & bonus programs and pay based on the employee’s attendance & performance

Payslips - HR Payroll Software

Be transparent and stay connected with your employees by sending the payslips and payment confirmation messages via SMS / email.

Accounting Integration - HR Payroll Software
Accounting Integration

Automates accounting by Integrating with your accounting software .

Stat Compliance - HR Payroll Software
Statutory Compliance

Simplifies all your compliance related work ESI - Employee State Insurance PF - Provident Fund Income Tax and TDS PT - Professional TAX


You can trust that your Data is in safe hands. Control who can access the platform and keep track of all the actions.

Role Privilege Access - HR Payroll Software
Role & Privilege Based Access

Grants secure access to the platform based on the roles and privileges Defined.

Audit Logs - HR Payroll Software
Audit Logs

Helps to keep track of all the actions performed within the system for the predefined duration

Self Service

ESS provides employees with access to their HR records and payroll details. Employee Self Service portal features include.

Team Management - HR Payroll Software
Team Management

Manage the activities of your team and stay updated on what your team is upto. Track the progress of your team members perfectly.

Attendance - HR Payroll Software

Keep track of your team’s attendance log by recording their working hours, holidays and much more.

Leave Application - HR Payroll Software
Leave Application

With a click, access the leave application of your employee and approve or disapprove it as per the norms.

Loan Application - HR Payroll Software
Loan & Advance Application

Effitrac is an advanced tool to facilitate your HR department in performing all loan-related activities.

IT Declaration - HR Payroll Software
IT Declaration

Keep in touch with your employees by sending them with payslips and payment confirmation messages through EMail/SMS,

TDS Summary - HR Payroll Software
TDS Summary

Track the reimbursement applications of your employees and pay them back without complicating the process much.

Payslips - HR Payroll Software

Keep in touch with your employees by sending them with payslips and payment confirmation messages through EMail/SMS,

Reimbursement Application - HR Payroll Software
Reimbursement Application

Track the reimbursement applications of your employees and pay them back without complicating the process much.

Mobile Application

Manage Your HR & Payroll process from any mobile device using Effitrac mobile app with following features.

GEO Tagged - HR Payroll Software
Geo-Tagged Attendance

Set up a Geofence and provide authentic attendance through Google Maps to your Employees so that they do not have much troubles.

Reimbursement Approval - HR Payroll Software
Reimbursement Approval

Approve the reimbursement application of your Employees at a single click through your mobile device

Attendance Dashboard - HR Payroll Software
Attendance Dashboard

With our powerful Dashboard, you can track the attendance and the number of leaves and term days of employees.

Employee Scheduling - HR Payroll Software
Employee Scheduling

Keep a note on the shifts and timing of your Employees and schedule them accordingly, informing them on the go.

Loan Approval - HR Payroll Software
Leave and Loan Approval

Approve the leaves and loans of Employees anywhere, anytime through our user friendly Mobile App.

Payroll Dashboard - HR Payroll Software
Payroll Dashboard

Organise the Payroll properly through the intuitive dashboard which will let you track with ease.

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