Incentive Masters

It includes an attendance of an employee through this we can create a payment schedule, to display OT in pay slip and duration of a person work for a day.

  • Go to Payroll Masters→ Payroll→ Incentive Masters
  • To create an incentive master it contains incentive type, name and criteria are present as a mandatory field.
  • Criteria Value is given in which the incentive is given to whom the criteria are fulfilled
  • Criteria can be selected by using drop-down (Ex.Pay day greater then)
  • Duration for the incentive has to be given in which the incentive will be generated as per the duration
  • The incentive also can be given to the specific salary group and that can be selected by using drop-down in salary group
  • It has a value in pay slip if per day salary is selected.
  • Click Create.
  • Then the created incentives are shown in the list of incentive master panel.
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