Leave configuration
  • Go to Payroll Masters → Payroll → Leave configuration.
  • We can create leave by using leave configuration--→ Create leave.
  • It consists of four tabs Applicability, Credit, Encashment and Rules
  • Applicability is about to whom the leave is applicable
  • It can be given with certain criteria like job status, department, gender, salary group etc.
  • Credit tab is used to specify the count of leave that has to be credited to the employee in the criteria selected
  • Credit frequency can be given like monthly, yearly. In which the leave will be created in the frequency given
  • Encashable settings can be made in encashment tab to which the encashment components and carry forward settings can be selected.
  • Maximum leave that can be availed is specified in the rules tab.
  • Click Create to create the leave
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